What is the the Strongest Animal on the Planet
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What is the the Strongest Animal on the Planet

The Rhinoceros beetle, the strongest animal on the planet

The rhinoceros beetle has an amazing strength; to give you a better idea, an elephant can lift around 25 times its own weight, the Rhino Beetle can carry 850 times their own weight, if you take their strength in relation to their size it’s incredible, if man had the strength of the rhinoceros beetle, he would be able to lift a 65 ton object, now that’s strong, and an Elephant would be able to carry 850 other Elephants on its back.

So it would be correct to say the Rhinoceros beetle is the strongest animal on the planet, this little 60 millimetres long beetle beats them all.

He is among the largest of the beetles and because of his amazing strength has many names that reflect that fact, as well as Rhinoceros his he is also know as the Atlas Beetle, Elephant Beetle, Hercules Beetle and the Ox Beetle.

Little miniature Rhinos

Their name Rhinoceros comes from the fact that they have two horns one on top of their head and the other just sticking out from the middle of the thorax, looking very like a little miniature Rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros beetles are popular pets in Asia. Properly because they are clean, easy to maintain, and safe to handle, and in spite of their fierce appearance, they are all totally harmless and this could be another reason to have them as pets, and as a bonus they don’t bite or sting, the perfect pet.

They can also fly

Another string to their bow is they can fly; perhaps we should call him super-beetle The Rhino like a lot of other insects they are attracted to lights at night

In Asia they can often be seen flying around the street lights these little guys can be seen all year round in the tropical north but in warmer countries like Australia are only seen in summer.

Rhino beetles (Not to be confused with the Ringo Beatle, he’s the one that plays the drums) can be found all over Africa and some in Arabia, one of the species, the European has been seen as far north as Norway and Sweden this species is rare and is legally protected in some countries, but so far none have been found in Britain.

This little feller can also be quite a problem; he is seen by many as a pest, its appetite includes the crown of palm trees, coconut palm and date palms these are all affected by the Rhino beetle causing damage and sometime killing the trees.

High protein food

Some species in the rainforests of some tropical countries are in danger of extinction because of deforestation, another reason why they are in danger from disappearing is that the larvae of rhinoceros beetles are fat white grubs; feeding on rotten wood and so in many part of the world are collected as a high protein food, and are often eaten or used in the making of cooking oil.

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Comments (13)

I wonder how many of the other Beatles Ringo was able to lift when they were all in their prime!

You've come up with another fascinating article, Johnny.

Interesting !

Congrats on your long awaited upgrade JD.

carole (bishy57)

Fascinating artical, thank you for sharing!

Suzi xxx

oh now wait a minute...a pet! sigh...I just don't know if I could handle one as a pet! Ya even almost had me on the "don't hurt, bite, pinch,or sting" an then I looked at it again, an its still a bug, I can only hope I never am in need of its protein for survival, however, if it maybe then eat that bug I will. Bugs so creep me out, an really its an un-fair judgment call on my part, as looks don't make the person, either does it make the bug, But Dang It All Johnny, It's Still A Bug!!! I Do Not Like Bugs At All. However excellent writing of facts Johnny, see you've got a gift, writing is just one of them an teaching what you can put into words to understand what the facts are is the greatest gift many do not hold...as you do so well. Your defenly a chosen few to have a gift such as you hold. Thanks again so much for sharing this with me as always Johnny, you did a fine job on this one, excellent writing.

Maximilian Montes

Another interesting topic. Here in the Phil, we have that black Rhinoceros beetle, we call it here 'Salagubang'. I used to own a dozen of these little guys during my carefree days as a boy.


Very interesting ...

Nostalgic! I remember playing with the rhino beetle as a kid. Great article!

friend JD the STRONGEST IS MAN TODAY AND SHALL REMAIN FOR EVER TILL SOME ALIENS take over but not in our life time congrats we belong to the same species called man to now include woe of man ===woman


You learn something new every day, and once again I have stored a little more into my memory bank, thanks to Johnnydod.

PS. Don't forget how strong an Ant is.

yes i do agree an ant can kill an elephant hope we all know