Stop Illegal Puppy Mills
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Stop Illegal Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are terrible places. Most of the time they are over crowed and the dogs do not get proper care. They are kept in cages and do not get fed a proper diet or get veterinary attention. The puppies are not healthy and have many problems. It is said that most puppies that come from puppy mills do not live to be 1 year old.

You might be asking what a puppy mill is.  Well it is a breeding facility the produces puppies in large quantities.    They mass-produce puppies to sell to wholesale brokers who then sell the puppies to pet stores.  Many puppy mills are overcrowded, filthy, inadequate shelter, not enough food, eater and veterinary care.  Puppy mills are in it for the money not the quality of dogs they sell.  Most of the time the breeding dogs live in terrible inhuman conditions.

Back yard breeders are sometime not that good because they do not know about bloodline and genetically transmitted diseases.  They do not test their dogs and sometime they will breed a dog that has genetic problems in their bloodline and this will produce puppies with problems.

A reputable breeder will give each puppy the socialization that it needs and this requires a great deal of devotion and patience.  They take responsibility for each puppy that they have bred.  They thing about their dogs first as they are completely dependent on them for their care, training and medical attention.  They have their breeding stock tested and they will not breed dogs that have genetic problems.

Many people ask how puppy mills can be stopped. You must gather information to give to the right people.  If you can get pictures of the puppy mill without getting caught taking them it would help.  Commercial breeders must have licenses and many puppy mills are not.  Breeders usually have to have a license with the State, County or City and the USDD.  These businesses are subject to inspections but labor usually makes this impossible to do on a regular basis.   Back yard breeders and illegal mass breeders usually do not have licenses but they are still subject to the laws pertaining to animal breeding.

Any breeding facility is monitored through the US Department of Agriculture and the animal welfare land this includes facilities that breed dogs and cats.  It is considered the same as breeding, raising, selling cows, pigs, sheep and so on.

You can report puppy mills to the state and you can contact the nearest Humane Society and the ASPCA and talk to someone in authority.  Each one of these groups has the authority to investigate and stop puppy mills.  The USDA also has authority over puppy mills.

It is not easy to stop a puppy mill and it can be very frustrating but more and more government agencies are doing better at shutting them down.  The Humane Society and ASPCA are not government agencies and rely on donations and volunteers but they are concerned, very proactive and usually work with the government groups in busts and rescuing the animals.

If you want to stop the puppy mills, you have to be persistent, calling everyone and telling them as much as you can.

Be persistent and keep calling the agencies and work hard to stop the puppy mills.  Many people are hurt by puppy mills.  All these people wanted to do was get a pet they could love forever.  Loving pet owners are cheated out of years of love and the poor little pets die miserable and unnecessary deaths.

It is so important that anyone wanting a pet research the pet, the breed and the breeder.  So many pet lovers grieve and too many pets have died because of unethical breeders and the breeders just make more money.  It is not fair.  It is not just.  Breeders that do this need to be stopped.  If they have abused or neglected animals, they need to be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare laws.

We must all work to stop the puppy mills.

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Comments (3)

The best way to stop puppy mills is for people to refuse to buy puppies from stores.  In fact people should refust to buy anything from a store that sells pets.

Most people are ignorant and think when they buy a pet from a store they are rescuing it.  They fail to realize they are supporting the cruel industry and condemning other dogs to live in cages for life. 

Thanks for your vote and comment Brenda.  I owned a dalmation dog that came from a pet store.  I did not buy her myself but I aquired her.  Her papers said she was from Arkansas.  Before she was 2 years old her front legs were badly bowed.  When I got her I took her to the vet and she was full of worms.  She had to be put down before she turned 8.  You are right that people should not buy puppies from pet stores but they do and will continue.

Puppy mills are bad news all around.