November: Adopt a Senior Pet Month
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November: Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Save a life this November by adopting an older cat or dog.

It seems like everyone that comes to a shelter to adopt a pet pass by the seniors on their way to see the kittens and puppies without even pausing to look at the older dogs and cats. Everybody wants to adopt a kitten or a puppy because kittens and puppies are cute and cuddly, but the companion animals that are most in need of our love and forever homes are the older cats and dogs.

Senior Pets Make Ideal Companion Animals for Senior Citizens

It’s a medically proven fact that companion animals promote sound health and the wellbeing of the pet parent. Stroking the fur of a cat has been shown to lower ones blood pressure and having a loving companion to talk to go a long way to improve one’s spirit and towards lightening ones mood.

If you are a senior, and you adopt an older cat or dog you have all the benefits of having a companion to love and be loved by without the worry of whose going to care for your companion after you are gone. Kittens and puppies are cute and cuddly, but they will outlive a senior citizen and is a worry for a loving pet parent—who will care for my beloved Fluffy or my beloved Dawg after I’m gone? If you are the friend or a relative of a senior citizen, give them the ideal gift of love—an older cat or dog.

What You See is What You Get

Older cats and dogs are set in their ways just as us senior citizens are set in our ways. The personalities of older cats and dogs are fully formed, so it is easier to match the personality of the companion animal to the potential pet parent. On the other hand, with a puppy or kitten it is a coin toss as to what their personality will be when they grow out of their kittenishness or puppyishness. A more active senior citizen may prefer a more active and playful older dog, while a more sedentary senior citizen may prefer a more laid back older dog. As I said, what you see is what you get; there is no guess work as to what the companion animal’s personality will like a few months down the road.

Reduced Adoption Fees

During November many animal shelters and agencies will offer reduced—and in some cases, waived—adoption fees for pet parents who adopt senior cats and dogs. That is a real incentive to adopt an older cat or dog because regular adoption fee can be $100 or more depending on whether you are adopting a cat or a dog. The adoption fees charged by shelters are eminently reasonable when you consider that the shelter’s veterinarian has already spayed or neutered the animal and has administered the basic regiment of shots. The regiment of shots and the spay/neutering procedure would cost you more than the adoption fee if you had to have your veterinarian administer the shots and perform the procedure.

Save a life this November by adopting an older cat or dog and bring a forever grateful companion into a forever home and renewed life to yourself or your senior citizen.

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Comments (6)

As you know pet adoption is an issue that I am thrilled to see get attention, especially in support of older pets. So sad that pets who are over 1 year are often not adopted, and senior pets nearly have no hope at finding homes, yet are the perfect pet for so many situations and people. Thanks for writing this important piece on adopting senior pets, not just in November, but any time.

I am so glad to post my comment on here. I go into the NO KILL shelters and ask for the oldest animal to adopt because of your points made here. I have had Kitties for 20 years, so it must be good for them and me too. I travel too much to own a dog anymore, but I like older animals since most people want young pets. Thank you for your great guidelines.

Brilliant piece of work Jerry.

Though we do not have any hassles in adopting a pet in India, only a handful of people have pets here.But I really admire your concern for pets in rearing, adopting and even getting insurance for them.It is a different world

I only adopt older cats as the kittens are way too rambunctious (and I'm not!). Promoted and voted.

This is another outstanding piece of information. i never knew this about November.