Most Cruel Things People Do to Pets
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Most Cruel Things People Do to Pets

What are the top 10 cruel things we do to pets? Why are people cruel to pets? What are some of the most cruel things we do to pet animals? Why do people torture pets? Why are pets suffering? Why are so many animals killed every year? Is keeping fish cruel? Why is horse racing cruel? Why is dog racing cruel? Learn more about the most common things people do to pets that are often considered as cruel.

There are many things humans do to animals that can be considered cruel. Because there are so many issues of cruelty to animals I will write 3 articles, one on cruelty to wild animals, one on cruelty to livestock, and one on cruelty to pets. This article is in regards to cruelty to pets. Please feel free to add comments to share any other areas of cruelty to pets that concerns you.

Poor Treatment of Farm Cats

Some farmers think, incorrectly, that farm cats will catch more mice if they are underfed, or even starved. In general farm cats tend to be poorly cared for, seldom vaccinated, rarely wormed, and often not even spayed or neutered. Not spaying or neutering farm cats leads to other problems, one being more kittens than the farmer wants. As such many farmers drown unwanted kittens, and there have been reports of kittens put in bags and tossed onto the road.

Cruel Torture

Some people torture pets for different reasons.  Sometimes this is done to "punish" the owner, as when a relationship, or friendship, goes wrong.  Sometimes pets are tortured because people do not like them.  This is often the case when cats are let loose in a neighborhood, a property owner becomes tired of cats digging in his garden and responds by torturing the cat.

Cruel Punishment for “Bad” Pets

Some people punish their pets for what they see as bad behavior, digging, barking, or peeing on the sofa. Not only does the punishment often take cruel forms but sometimes the bad behavior was the result of owner error, or a health condition. Dogs that dig, or bark, are often bored. Urinating inappropriately can be a sign of a urinary tract infection or a male animal that needs to be neutered.

Animal Testing

Many domestic animals that are often kept as pets are sometimes used in laboratories for testing products. Rabbits, rats, mice, and dogs, being the most common. Experiments can involve chemicals being placed in an animal's eye, or by altering its genes and even producing chimera animals that have human parts growing inside them.

Dog Fighting

Not only are dogs injured and killed in dog fighting, but hundreds of other animals, sometimes even “free to good home” kittens and puppies, are used as bait animals; used to train the fighting dog to kill. These bait animals sometimes have their teeth pulled out so they cannot injure the fighting dog.


Horse racing and greyhound racing is cruel. Yes, they love to run, but the training methods are sometimes cruel. Thoroughbred horses are often raced at two years of age, a time when some other horses, such as warmbloods are still two years away from training. Pushed to race at top speeds while they are still immature, many do not have long careers. Those that become lame, or are not up to speed are culled. In the greyhound industry more dogs are produced than are raced, again, those not up to speed are culled, there are not enough homes for them all, many are slaughtered.

Vanity Pets

Sometimes people keep extreme exotic pets for vanity reasons. They think they are cool because they own a tiger, wolf, or alligator. Sadly many of these pets do not have good care, they are often discarded when they become “too big” to be managed, or the person can no longer afford the upkeep. There are additional vanity pets such as fish worn live in tiny bags, as decoration, in Japan, a trend that is starting to fade.

Pet Fish

Many fish are kept in tanks far too small for their requirements. Betta fish and Goldfish are often kept in tanks far too small for their normal requirements and are sometimes flushed alive when people get bored with them. Some collection methods for marine fish involve pouring poisons into the water and collecting the stunned fish, but the toxins often kill coral and smaller fish.

Small Cages

Other animals are also often kept in small cages, hamsters, birds, and many other pets, are often kept in small cages that fit our homes, but not the pet's needs for room or mental stimulation. Birds where built for flight, so why are so many bird cages tall and skinny? In the wild some animals might cover a mile or more, yet they are kept in cages no larger than a few square feet, if even that.

Cruel Mass Breeding

There are many aspects of pet breeding that are cruel, puppy mills being the most notorious – where breeding dogs are kept in tiny cages pumping out puppy after puppy with no human interaction, play with other dogs, or any attention given to health or welfare of the parents. There are similar breeding operations for other animals. The United States Humane Society reports over 4 million pets are euthanized every year simply because more are produced than there are homes for, so breeding even more animals, and especially in “mill” situations, only makes things worse.

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Comments (9)

Another great article. When you mentioned farm cats I remember I was spending the weekend with my cousin. I was about 8 years old. I remember my cousin and I crying because my aunt drowned a litter of kittens in the bathroom sink. Instead of getting the cat fixed she just killed the litter. It was a terrible memory and I've never forgotten it.

Very true and thought provoking subject.

Attitudes towards animals are changing as people like you advocate for the animals. I don't understand the people who torture and kill animals just for fun. I had never heard of the fish jewelry, although I have heard of insects and spiders encased in plastic bubbles or something to wear.Great article.

Animal cruelty just makes me sick. If someone can't be a responsible pet/animal owner than they should not have any in the first place. I submit this to stumbleupon and google +

As usual, Brenda, you have pointed out some areas of real concern for all animal lovers. Other than that, my only other comment is that people who raise dogs for fighting or racing do not consider them to be pets, so although I'm against dog fights in general I don't think that the subject comes under the title of your article.

A graphic account on what happens to animals.Really pathetic.Thanks.

Thank you for bringing these cruel treatments to light. I live in a rural area, and the amount of barn cats that are killed by crossing roads is disgusting.

Very sad. Out of votes today so I tweeted. I hate hearing about this, but I am happy you're exposing this and raising awareness. Thank you for that!

Great article. Thanks for your support of my articles