Being a Dog Rescue Transport Volunteer
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Being a Dog Rescue Transport Volunteer

There are many worthy charities that need help. For those who want to lend a hand to those in need and have a passion for dogs, helping out a dog rescue can be a fulfilling experience.

There are many worthy charities that need help. For those who want to lend a hand to those in need and have a passion for dogs, helping out a dog rescue can be a fulfilling experience. There are many dog rescues, some specialize in a certain breed, size or type of dog. While others take in all dogs in need. No matter the type of rescue, they all need help. Most dog rescues need a variety of help. They need volunteers to help raise money to support their cause. They need temporary homes for the rescued dogs. They often need administration help and volunteers to help screen potential forever families for the dogs.

 A recsued pug on his way to a caring foster home

They also need help transporting dogs from one location to another. Often rescues have arrangements with shelters to contact them if a dog they can help comes in. These dogs need someone to pick them up and deliver them to their new foster home. Often different dog rescues will work together, transporting several dogs at once to optimize the not always available transportation. The dogs will often travel many miles to reach their new homes and a relay of drivers will be set up to get them to their destination. Each volunteer driver is usually responsible for an hour leg. The dog or dogs are handed off from one volunteer driver to the next, sometimes traveling half of a day with multiple drivers. In the end, the dogs will be dropped off at their foster home where they can start preparing to go to their forever family.

 Two rescued Basset Hounds on their way to a caring foster home.

Like doing any volunteer work, being a rescue dog transporter can be both emotionally taxing and fulfilling. It can be heart-rending to see so many dogs in dire need, yet at the same time it can be wonderful to know that you helped them on their way to a well deserved loving home.

Doing volunteer transport work is not extremely hard, but it does take some commitment and time. Most rescues will not be able to reimburse you for gas, it usually takes two to three hours to complete a transport leg, the dogs may mess up your vehicle and you will need cages or crates for the dogs to travel safely in. You should also be prepared for the rescue to do a reference check on you as it is their job to insure the dogs will be in safe hands. However, for those who really want to be able to lend a hand it is a small price to pay. If you are interested in helping out one of the many worthy dog rescues, take the time to research ones in your area and pick one that has a good reputation and shares your passion. Most dog rescues will be overjoyed at your offer of assistance and will truly appreciate your kindness.

 A rescued Beagle on his way to his new home.

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Comments (2)

This is such important work! Thanks for an article that talks about transport.

Thank you! My husband and I do transport for a rescue near us. It can be heartbreaking work, but so well worth it. Last time we did it we had six dogs in the car (4 of them hounds). Boy, were they noisy! It doesn't matter how loud you turn up the music you cannot drown out 4 howling hounds! : )