Are Cats and Dogs Skinned Alive in China?
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Are Cats and Dogs Skinned Alive in China?

Are Ugg boots made of dog fur? Do they really skin cats alive in China? Are dogs being skinned alive in China? Why are raccoons being skinned alive in China? Do Chinese people skin rabbits alive? Are toys made from animals skinned alive? Are pets skinned alive in China? Why are pets being skinned alive in China?

Perhaps you have heard the rumors that animals such as cats, dogs, raccoons, and rabbits are being skinned alive in China. This might horrify you and you probably wonder why the animals are being skinned alive. You might even be curious to know if it is true, and want to know more. I assure you this article does not contain graphic images of animals being killed.

It's true, cats, dogs, raccoons, and rabbits, are being skinned alive in China. There are videos of this all over the Internet (some filmed and released by credible sources such as the Humane Society) and no real reason to show those here. Some Chinese believe that when an animal dies in such a way its magical powers or special qualities go into the person that killed it, or that ate it.  The animals are raised in factory farm type situations much like we do with some livestock.

To note China is not the only place that skins animals alive but they are receiving a lot of attention about it. We must remember that even the United States does not have humane slaughter laws for rabbits.

What Happens to Animals Skinned Alive in China?

Mostly the meat of the animals is eaten. Consumed as close to the time of death as possible. This is according to their beliefs in that the fresher the meat is when eaten the more power a person gets from that specific animal.

The skin and fur of these animals is another matter.

The pelts of the animals skinned alive are often sold to other countries. This is typical for the rabbit pelts and raccoon pelts. The dog and cat pelts are either made into clothing sold within China, or made into products for export. Recently Chinese made knock off Ugg boots (which are normally made in Australia) were found to be using fur of German Shepherd dogs and/or raccoons. Normally the Ugg boots use Sheep skins.

© photo by author, there were roughly 50 toys similar to this at this particular market in Canada, shaped as cats, dogs, chickens, and other animals.

What is far more common is that the skins, mostly of cats, and rabbits, are turned into toys, stuffed animals to be specific. Parts of various skins are formed into tiny cats, dogs, rabbits, and other animals. Depending on the animal they are trying to duplicate the skin can also be that of dog, or raccoon.

These toys are then sold world wide. I myself have seen them at markets, and in shops, throughout Canada, and know they are also sold within the United States and the UK.

The Ugg boots in reference are often sold at reduced prices of the original, or via sites such as eBay.

Resource Link the Daily Mail – Reporting on the use of dogs skinned alive to be used to make fake Ugg Boots.

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Comments (11)

That's pathetic!

I'm sorry. I couldn't bring myself to finish reading your article. I vet images in my head that won't go away.

Ewww. I knew about this but I try very hard to avoid thinking about it.

aweful, but news just the same.

A grotesque way of earning a living in making animals suffer. Reminds me of the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre where our kind ended in the same fate. Well, it's a fact of life, Brenda.

It is really pathetic to read such inhumane acts of human beings.

at first I read the title it look like a big lie, then I search in google, woot I find it real -__-

This is just repulsive. I'm glad you bring awareness to this tragic subject matter. So hard to read, but glad someone has a voice for these poor animals. I can't imagine treating a living thing like that. My goodness.

Eating monkey's brain is also attributed to Chinese. It's really heart breaking to skin them alive!

I know the only way to get this info out for people to not buy anything with these furs is to share, but I have been sick for 2 days after someone sent us a video of this. I undestand they ont want the expense of killing humanly, but atleast they could cut their throat first. This is the most horrific thing i have ever seen or heard....WHAT ARE WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!

No one in the fur industry skins animals alive. It just isnt true.1 - Skinning an animal while it is alive is dangerous and nearly impossible unless you knock it out. Which is difficult to do and damages the pelt. If they are awake, you run the risk of being severely bitten.2 - Skinning alive damages the pelt in many ways, but most notably by being stained with blood. Its also very easy to make errors in cutting since the animal is alive and moving around.3 - The monetary and physical risk to skin an animal while it is alive is very high. Fur farmers are in the business to make money. Why would they do things that would put them out of business?4 - PETA and other animal rights orgs have been caught making these snuff propaganda films over the years. MANY... Do some research. 'Animal rights' is a billion dollar business and videos like these are the 1# way they get your money!!5 - Your article is so racist and full of fallacies that I almost cant stand it. Anyone who believes this junk has more than a few crayons missing!!Come on people! USE COMMON SENSE!!